How is AI going to help us, better help you?

AI is a hot topic right now, super-hot, but it often feels quite alarmist, doomsday-esc with robots taking over the world, but let’s hope it doesn’t go that way.  We have been having some positive, frankly uplifting conversations about how AI is going to give us more time to focus on the things that matter to our clients.

The marriage of AI and Insights doesn’t need to end-up in lost jobs, and constant bickering about who is better at what – it could be that Hollywood style ‘riding off into the sunset ending’ that we all (according to Hollywood-execs) dream of. But, how are we going to make that happen?

For this week’s blog, Lindsey Liensavanh, Senior Principal in the Services team, enlisted the brains of some fellow Inciters to tackle the big question of how we think AI will change our working lives for the better and, in turn, bring more value to our clients.

1/ Give us time back

One of the hotly toted advantages of AI is the ability to automate processes. With the power of AI to automate the ‘automatable’, we will have more time on our hands to do that vital ‘human’ thinking. I think we can all agree there are certain things that don’t necessarily require a human-touch (generating transcripts, running algorithms/syntax) that with AI could be streamlined. That time saved could be better utilised interrogating your problems, optimising how we approach them and ultimately coming up with the ‘best’ action-led answer. Use the robots to help us, help you.

2/ Leave bias at the door

We’ve all experienced the impact that human bias can have on how we think, react and interpret things – from straight forward discussions, to analysis sessions, to trying to hear from everyone, equally in a ‘group’ dynamic. Whilst AI can’t be a ‘human’ team member (yet), it can help us ensure bias doesn’t enter the research environment beyond this dynamic. I think we can all agree that AI would the perfect tool to support here – how that comes to life, I am definitely not best placed to answer however taking any pre-conceived biases we hold out of the equation will ensure we land in a more fair, unbiased and considered outcome. It will ensure we deliver insights that are truly representative and keeps us honest about what we heard, saw and interpreted.

3/ Enhance our category knowledge & understanding

As researchers, we need to spread ourselves across multiple categories, countries and commercial challenges at any one time. This is a tricky tight-rope to walk and I for one, would love more time in the day to immerse myself further into our customer’s worlds and their problems to ensure we can deliver the best insights for their needs. Through the power of AI, the possibility of becoming that category expert is more of a reality. Using AI to synthesize the latest trends, innovations and emerging themes can only enhance our ability to respond more accurately, intimately and effectively to client questions. I see this as a real opportunity to add-more value to the work that we do.

These potential exciting developments are something to look forward to in the future. But how are we harnessing the power of AI for clients right now? Our tool develops actionable insights from unstructured data, answering your business questions.

But what on earth is unstructured data? Watch the recent webinar from our STRAT7 sister agency Bonamy Finch to understand how unstructured data can be used to drive customer-centric growth, as well as improve employee engagement and retention.

Or if you’d like to have a chat about how we can help you unlock opportunity by harnessing untapped insights, we’d love to hear from you.