Incite sabbaticals

We’re always looking for ways to unlock opportunity, not just for our clients but for everyone here at Incite. We believe in offering our team the chance to develop not only their professional lives, but personal lives as well.

Last year two of our London staff took on the challenge of spending two years on secondment in our San Francisco office, thanks to the international expansion of the company. Both employees were great ambassadors for the Incite brand, whilst having the opportunity to explore a new city and experience an exciting and vibrant culture.

Another of our colleagues was able to relocate to Kenya for six months when her husband took on a new role in the country. Read the blog post about her amazing experience here.

Throughout the year, those celebrating four years with the company can take a fully paid, four-week sabbatical – with many extending it to six weeks with annual leave. Last year alone, seven colleagues took up this opportunity in myriad ways; from an action-packed honeymoon taking in Mauritius, Madagascar and South Africa, to an island hopping Greek adventure, to an exploration of the West coast of America, visiting no less than four states, six cities and five national parks.

Here are some of our sabbatical highlights:

“My favourite memory was kitesurfing in Madagascar – as part of our honeymoon – and landing a back-loop.”

Sam Schofield


“The two highlights for me were trekking the Mist Trail in Yosemite – a steep climb up the side of a fabulous waterfall – the beauty of it took my breath away. And a lifelong ambition which was riding the range in Utah, where we stayed on a ranch hundreds of miles from anywhere.”

Alison Ratcliff


“My sabbatical allowed me to explore the other side of the planet with my little family and to create unforgettable moments and memories for us four.”

Alex Detrois


“There are too many to list but one of my favourite moments was helping my daughter learn to swim and snorkel in some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to!”

Charlotte Kenyon


“My favourite moment was climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge!”

Claire Jennings


“My favourite memories were hiking along the coast to find a beautiful secret cove with turquoise waters in Folegandros; sampling an array of ice cream parlours in Berlin and listening to live music in the beer garden; going back to school to learn German!”

Hannah Potter


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