Finding purpose at work: part two

Following up on how I find fulfilment at work, I wanted to also share the other side of it – the ‘non-work’ side if you like. These are the smaller factors that when fully embraced can be a source of pleasure and another reason to get up in the morning.

Embracing treats

At Incite we have The Table of Doom. I think every office has one of these – the place where snacks appear from trips abroad or leftovers from client meetings are redistributed. (In our case, this is also replenished from the Treats Cupboard when supplies are running low). Not your friend if you’re on a diet but fantastic when you need a sweet pick me up.

A new travelling routine meant a treat for myself – my new backpack. Honestly, this has revolutionised my commute. There’s pockets for everything but it’s still smart enough for a client meeting. I get excited packing it in the morning and keep checking out my reflection in store windows!

Embracing change  

There are two notable differences with this job – and one of these is hot desking. Every day I get to pick a new set of neighbours and a new office view. I might be influenced by who I am working with, or what I am working on, but usually proximity to the Table of Doom is a strong consideration. Getting a different perspective on the office keeps work feeling fresh.

The other difference is working from home one day a week. This is a great system to break up the commuting week and prevent burnout. The overwhelming benefit for me is it gives me time to go running in the morning. This makes me an infinitely happier human being (and helps re the Table of Doom).

Embracing London  

Having recently returned to a job in London I’m taking every opportunity to catch up with my ‘London’ friends. I’m sure they’ll be fed up with me soon enough but for now I’m enjoying my new social calendar.

Getting a train has its ups and down, but passing through a main train station every day does generate a steady flow of freebies. Endless magazines obviously, but also fizzy drinks, Starburst, Graze Boxes, muesli, and probiotics to name a few. I haven’t gone on to buy any of this stuff full price but if anyone from Marketing is listening this definitely works….

So while doing great work for my clients gives me my primary purpose, taking joy from the little things means I stay invested in Incite for the long term. After all, because “it makes you happy” is a pretty good reason to do anything.